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Italian craftsmanship combined with modern design – The perfect fusion for high quality and elegant furs that embodies pure luxury.

In the heart of Milan, Cordorpelli designs and produces their furs for various luxury homes according to the Italian artisan tradition. The label Manzoni 24 is the exclusive in-ouse fur collection. The innovative and original designs are both modern and elegant. The furs are handcrafted using special careful techniques. Manzoni 24 stands for the best quality on the market. The time-consuming procedure of fur production corresponds to the modern design and this is appreciated by the demanding clientele worldwide.

The history of Cordorpelli as a family business began in 1951 and quickly became a reputed supplier of leather and fur for many international luxury brands.

Manzoni 24 collection combines Italian design, traditional craftsmanship and fine furs, leather goods and fabrics such as Loro Piana cashmere every time agin again. Refined details, fresh and modern style is highly valued by fashion-conscious customers from all over the world.