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The traditional house of Loro Piana, founded in 1924 in Italy, has become the epitome of authentic luxury and the highest uncompromising quality in the world.

The assortment of Loro Piana ranges from luxurious high-quality items like jackets and coats decorated with finest fur to knitwear of the highest quality – baby cashmere. The finest leathers are used for shoes and accessories.

Loro Piana is one of the world’s largest cashmere and wool manufacturer. The company manages its own reserves in Peru and New Zealand. This allows the company to monitor and guarantee quality control at all levels of production.

The fashion and style of Loro Piana is famous for its classics, simplicity and style. The brand relies on laid-back and relaxed yet luxurious fit paired with a pleasant cuddly wearing comfort.

Whether classic turtleneck, a coat or the accessories all convince by the noble look and highest quality.