Lee Mathews is a very popular and individual designer who accidentally founded her label.

Born in Ireland and raised in Canada, Lee moved to Australia at a young age because she fell in love. After the birth of her children, she started sewing clothes because she couldn’t find anything to buy that she really liked. Other people liked the things and thanks to the high demand, Lee Mathews decided to hold a small shopping event at home every 6 months, but it soon became so crowded that she had to rent a showroom.

Already after a few years as a well-known brand, Lee Mathews brought Natalia Grzybowski as a designer and she helped the brand to international cooperations with mathesfashion or net-a-porter.

Mathews is inspired by books, abstract art and architecture and is known for her wide-cut t-shirt dresses and abstract shapes.

Last year, Mathews celebrated the 20th anniversary of their brand and plans to continue leading them through the industry with success and customer satisfaction.

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