In the late 1960s, shortly before summer, female customers were in a hurry to find some swimwear. Female emancipation was in its early stages and yet women had never been this close to independence. Irène Leroux sensed the change in French society. In 1968 she decided to take over her parents’ sports shop. Meeting a Brazilian customer who took advantage of her time in Paris to purchase several swimsuits, the founder of the brand decided that she would supply swimwear and beachwear all year long and therefore specialise in its manufacture and marketing. The decision was a bold one and very ambitious.

While leisure and sporting activities were on the rise, the swimsuit offer was poor and available during the summer months only. Eres therefore became the first brand to supply swimsuits all year round. It was also the first brand to sell tops and bottoms separately, allowing women to not only choose their favourite, but also to opt for differently sized pieces.

The brand believes in a natural look and loves nothing more than simplicity. Eres provides ist swimwear with beautiful shapes but also the necessary support almost like a sculpting a wearable art piece. A revolutionary fabric made it all possible. It delicately reshapes the contours of a silhouette to look even more beautiful.

This fabric was a blend of polyamide jersey that allowed it tob e soft and stretching, which the brand called Peau Douce. Eres swimwear offers real comfort and fits like a glove.