Eleventy was founded in Milan, Italy, in 2007 by Marco Baldassari and Paolo Zuntini. They were joined in 2009 by Andrea Scuderi as partner and Operations Executive. Their goal is creating an exclusive and responsible made-in-Italy label with a focus on precise research to source the very best fabrics and an intuition for style that would meet contemporary demands.

While the company is Italian, with the majority of its outlets in Europe, it is just beginning to explore the American market and created its first US headquarter in 2016 in New York City.

Eleventy wants to make its products available to a larger number of people who are concious on their budget althoug they also want quality and style.

Eleventy is at the forefront of sustainable practices, with an unrelenting commitment to ensure that generations of customers enjoy the products but not at the expense oft he planet and the environment.

Eleventy wants to reperesent what made-in-Italy truly means.

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