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Brunello Cucinelli stands for timeless elegance, pure luxury and traditional Italian craftsmanship. The founder of the label Brunello Cucinelli grew up in Perugia in a rural area within simple backgrown He was extremely interested in philosophy from the early age. After graduation, he came up with the innovative idea to dye cashmere. Previously, cashmere was only processed in neutral natural colors such as beige, natural white and gray. Brunello Cucinelli founded his company in 1978 with less financial resources. Since then, he has remained faithful to his classic style, humanistic business approach and sense of luxury.

Brunello Cucinelli respects the highest quality and is known worldwide for the finest knits from traditional Italian production. Meanwhile Brunello Cucinelli offers shoes, blazers, coats, precisely cut trousers and skirts in a sporty but very elegant look.

Brunello Cucinelli, the king of laid-back luxury, combines in his models the noble chic with a philosophy of respect for the employees and the region. He has restored and built a theater builiding in his native in Umbria from his own resources.