Borsalino was started by Guiseppe Borsalino 1857 and is now the oldest luxury Italian hat manufacturer. In Cento Cannoni in Alessandria, which is now the headquater of the Unversity, the Borsalino Museum is open for the public.

Giuseppe Borsalino invented a special new shape. The name of it appered even in the Oxford English Dictionary. He transformed a classic man bowler hat in practical new one, by adding two dents. This new revolutionary form became an iconic classic Borsalino one. It became a must have for all fashionable and stylish people from the past and nowadays.

1930 the Hollywood discovered Borsalino felt hats as iconic objects. Since then Borsalino and Hollywood has been having a long lasting relationship.

Humphrey Bogart is wearing a Borsalino hat in the final scene in Cassablanca. Style icons like Mastroianni and Belmondo love their Borsalinos.

In the 50s Borsalino produced the women´s line. And in the 70s it is the first luxury fashion company which allowed the usage of its name and ist logo for a fim with Alain Deon and Jean-Paul Belmondo. The film became a great success so as Borsalino.

The usage of logo on the bows and hatbands on the Borsalino hats become it´s absolute trade mark. In 80s finest Ecuadorian Panama straw hats were added to the collection of the felt ones.

Borsalino is probaby one of the most remarkable and traditional fashion Italian companies. It got a series of awards for design, quality and style.

There were numeral collaborations between Borsalino and other luxury fashion houses like Tom Ford, Yohji Yamamoto, Marni, Rochas just to name a few.

Fashion press, print and online regularly feature Borsalino in fashion editorials and style reports. Borsalino is still a preferred accessory of celebrities, fashion and art influencers and other opinion leaders from culture and design worldwide.

To manufacture a Borsalino there are 52 steps performed by hand should be done and it takes seven weeks of work. The manufacturing process remained fair and faithful. The tradition and craftmanship has been passed form generation to generation and represents cultural values.

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