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Barbara Bui switched to fashion design right after her literature studies. “I did not just want to write with words, but directly with shapes, colors and lines,” says Barbara Bui.

Thanks to her heritage, Barbara Bui combines Asian and Western cultures in her designs. Her style is a clear expression of this duality. Above all, the mixture between masculine and feminine elements is constantly to be observed in her design.

The women of Barbara Bui keeps the balance between strength and sensitivity, strong energy and true femininity.

Her first creations were limited editions mainly of leather or suede, pieces made to measure in her studio boutique. “This love for all types of leather permeates all my collections and has become a unique style that my clients like to see season after season,” says the fashion designer.

Her first fashion show in 1987 was highly praised by the press, shoppers and customers. So Barbara Bui had to restructure her fashion company to meet the demand. That was the birth of fashion house Barbara Bui. Over seasons, the collection has become wider. Barbara Bui‘ DNA has been enhanced with valuable features such as embroidery. The demand for quality and precise cut with an extra fine finish with thoughtthrough details has not diminished. So Barbara Bui is highly appreciated worldwide by fashion connoisseurs.

Barbara Bui was one of the first designers to open a boutique of the same name in 1987, at a time when it was still rare in the fashion world. “I always wanted to be close to my customers. The aim is not to interrupt the direct dialogue”. Over the years, fashion house Barbara Bui has opened flagship stores in some of the world’s most prestigious streets: Avenue Montaigne and Rue du Faubourg St Honoré in Paris, Soho in New York and Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles.

The look of Barbara Bui could be described by the word “Laid-Back Elegance”. A mix of rocky edge with an ultra-feminine touch. Clean lines, sensual silhouettes, sharp, precise cuts and strategically positioned volumes combine with luxurious silks, fur, leather and embroidery. Barbara Bui is known worldwide for her coats, day and evening dresses and tuxedos.

A woman wearing designs by Barbara Bui has personality, elegance and natural sex appeal.